Sunday, January 23, 2011

As The Deer Parts For Water

I told my mom I would be at church at 9 this morning (church is at 10).

I was late.

I was too busy taking pictures of these pretty babies in my backyard ...

A momma and her two babies!  The two standing are the babies (they were born in the spring, so they don't have their spots anymore) and momma is sitting down in front.

Eventually I made it to church and we had an absolutely wonderful service!  I had a great text to preach on, awesome musical resources and fabulous energy.  What more could a girl ask for?

Old Congregational Churches are so pretty in the snow, don't you think?

Lunch was a quickly-whipped up bowl of roasted ham and green beans and egg noodles.

Topped with cheese.  Of course.  :)

I think I've decided that food looks fancier served up in a bowl.  Agreed?

We're having dinner with some friends tonight - enjoy the last bit of your weekend!



  1. What a beautiful church building! That'd be enough to get me to church every week!

  2. Love those pictures of the deers and your church is just gorgeous! It's too sweet that those deers hang out in your back yard!

  3. Your photography just keeps gettin better. It's beautiful, you are very talented.

  4. @Katie - Thank you! If you're ever in Connecticut ... :)

    @Brittaney & Michelle - Thanks for the encouragement! It's been fun to learn. I'm primarily self-taught - don't ever be afraid to google!


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