Friday, December 3, 2010

Packing Progress

We made a TON of progress last night!  About 1/3 of the truck is packed, including the couch and my desk.  Unfortunately, our IKEA dressers aren't going to make the move (they barely made the move to this apartment and when we started to move them last night everything fell apart!), but that actually will free up some room on the truck.

That used to be piled out past the fireplace with boxes.  Now it's not!

We took the couch out without the cushions - they will probably get sqeezed into the top corner. 

(My desk is gone too!  I swear we've made more progress than it looks like.  Everything is just spread out right now.)

We worked until a little after 11 p.m. last night.  God bless our sweet neighbor, Rafael, who saw that we were moving and offered to let us borrow his hand truck / moving dolly!  We were literally carrying out boxes one at a time, so the  truck tripled our speed.  After we called it quits we decided to make a trip to the dumpster to clear out some more stuff that we are getting rid of.  After we unloaded the truck, Bruce asked me if I wanted to make "one more late night trip to QT".  One caffeine free diet coke and a donut later, I was happily curled up in bed with Bruce at my side and Lilly under the covers at my feet.  Perfect last night together in Atlanta. :)

That brings me to this morning!  Bruce's dad gets in around noon and then they are going to pack the rest of the truck!  They leave earrrrrly tomorrow morning and I need to get to work cleaning the apartment so it's in good shape when we leave.

Surprised by my breakfast? :) I want oatmeal!  I want a kitchen with appliances!  I'm tired of PB&J!

I'm a little flustered this morning.  Today is my last day at work and I was trying to get in early, because I have a feeling I am going to have a lot of transitional stuff to finish up.  I made my PB&J to go, put on my jacket and couldn't find my keys!  I searched high and low for about 30 minutes before I frantically texted Bruce, who told me to "check his carhartt in the moving truck."  Guess where they were?  I mean - why WOULDN'T my car keys be locked in the moving truck?

I think I'm going to need another cup of coffee.

Have a great y'all.  Say a prayer or two for us!  xoxo


  1. Enjoy your last day of work - and best of luck with the rest of the move!!


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