Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Long Live

(The title of this post has nothing to do anything other than the fact that I've been listening to the Taylor Swift song on repeat for the last two hours.)

10:30?!  What happened to my day?  Ahhhhhhh - so much to do!

Most of my day was spent in front of my computer screen, unfortunately.  The beginning of the search and call process is probably the busiest, so I don't mind putting in the work on this end - hopefully it will pay off!

Bruce was upstairs ripping apart the master bathroom fixing some minor things in the master bathroom for most of the morning, so I heard a whole lot of banging and crashing (but was told by a male friend on twitter that bangs and crashes are okay - screams are not) and tried to stay out of the way.

I made us both take a break for lunch ...

I heated up Bruce's leftover Burnt Ends and French Fries (and my Sweet Potato Fries) from our celebration dinner and we both ate off of the same plate.

While sitting on our bedroom floor.
Maybe we should look into getting a dining room table.

Anyhooooo, they were heated to perfection in the toaster over at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes (flipping once).  I love having a microwave again, but I think I realized in its absence that some things reheat better in the oven!

This evening Bruce took pity on the fact that I had been hunched over my computer while perched on a bar stool that is too tall for our counter and we drove up to my parent's house to pick up my grandfather's old desk.  My parent's aren't using it and we figured Bruce could take my old desk so we don't have to share work space.  It felt good to get out of the house (many apologies to my mother for causing a raucous with the dogs by showing up unannounced!).  For chronological purposes, you have to wait until the end of the post to see the desk!  I think it's worth the wait ... :)

I kept dinner simple - pizza!  Lucky for me, Bruce would eat pizza three meals a day if he could, so he doesn't see it as a cop out meal.

But at the last minute I threw some frozen broccoli in a pan to steam.  I need vegetables and water in my life again! 

I drizzled the broccoli with Italian dressing - great for dipping the pizza in!

Mmm comfort food.

Guess what?

We found a table to eat dinner at!  My mom snagged this coffee table for us at the church tag sale (I cannot wait to refinish this bad boy) and we decided to put it in the basement to create an entertainment/game room of sorts.  For the time being it works great as a table to dine on!

(Ignore the rest of the mess.  This room is currently in progress!)

After dinner I got to work unpacking the boxes labeled "books".  And my oh my.  There were a lot of boxes labeled books!

But look at how nice my office is starting to come together!  I'm slightly concerned because I still have a TON of books stored in my parent's basement and I'm not sure where they are going to go?

Apparently it's impossible to take a picture of a dark-stained solid wood desk at night.  I'll try to get a better picture in the morning!  But I love it and I love the fact that it was my grandfather's.

Alright, I just realized I failed to respond to two important emails so I'm going to do that and then I'm off to bed.  Goodnight!

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