Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Basketball, Food and Adorable Videos

Did you hear the news?  UCONN wins 89 in a row!

(Must have been our game day feast)

Apparently during the post-game press conference last night, Geno Auriemma (UCONN's head coach) was interrupted by his administrative assistant to take a cell phone call from President Obama!  My favorite line from the conversation:  "If I was calling you and you had all of these reporters in front of you, you'd be dying to take my call."  Ha.


It's been a really quiet day around here.  The excitement of moving is starting to slip away as real world reality starts to set in.  Some days being an adult is just no fun, agreed?

Nothing a little comfort breakfast food couldn't fix.

And coffee.  Lots of coffee.

This was my last bagel and the closest grocery store is a 15 minute drive from here!  Oh, city conveniences - how I miss you.

I love that morning sun.  It's like a sign from God that this is a day full of fresh opportunities.

I sat at my desk for a solid three hours before getting up for lunch.  And I think I only remembered lunch because Bruce came into my office to see how I was doing!

Bruce and I are terrible about putting leftovers in the fridge and forgetting about them - I'm determined not to let food go to waste this year!  I heated up leftovers from last week's rice bowl.

Mmm.  I'm glad I stumbled upon this idea the other day.  It's definitely something I will try again.

Photographed on some beautiful linens that I got from sweet church members for my wedding.  My parents had been storing them for me while we were in Atlanta so I was finally able to use them!


And finally - I've seen these two adorable videos floating around lately and I had to share them!  Enjoy!

The Digital Story of the Nativity (thanks Kari!)

The Story of Jonah as Told by the Cutest Little Girl (Thanks Mel!)

I would like either that little girl to read the nativity story at my church on Friday night OR find a creative way to re-tell the story like the first video.  Church doesn't have to be boring, friends!

Time to get back to work - have a great day!

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  1. Don't you just love that kid?!

    Brad & I are also TERRIBLE about forgetting about leftovers & letting them go bad. :( I get so mad when we do that! What's worse - i often forget about NEW foods & let them go bad! :(


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