Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On Blogging, Community and Wear a Dress Tuesday

Good morning and HAPPY WEAR A DRESS TUESDAY!  (New to my blog?  Click here to learn more about WADT).

Breakfast was simple - oatmeal and black coffee!

I made my oatmeal a little bit differently this morning.  Instead of adding my toppings after the oatmeal came off of the stove, I chopped up pecans and mixed them into the pan.  Then right before I turned off the stove I stirred in some brown sugar.  I loved the texture!

So ... As I was finishing up my Ministerial Profile last night, I got to thinking.  The purpose of the profile is to highlight not only your strengths as a minister, but also your philosophy of ministry.  Someone suggested to me that I should think about where Wear a Dress Tuesday might fit into my philosophy of ministry.  At first I thought they were kind of nuts, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized just how much WADT is part not only of my philosophy of ministry, but also of my philosophy of life.

I want to be healthy.  I want to be happy.  I want to marvel at the good that is around me and fight like hell to change the things that I think are wrong.  I want to journey with others as they seek to achieve health and happiness in their own lives.  I think Wear a Dress Tuesday has brought a new sense of community and pride to a group of women struggling not only with 'Tuesday Blahs', but with 'Life Blahs' in general.  It is not just about wearing dresses.  It is about being in community and lifting one another up.

As I am coming to these realizations in my own life, changes are definitely being reflected in my blog.  It has been a fun transformation to blog about my quest to be happy and healthy and I love and appreciate everyone who chooses to read, follow along and encourage me.  I feel blessed to be part of such a wonderful community.

It is not just about a dress.  It is about a way of life.

Happy Wear a Dress Tuesday.



  1. I love the WADT idea :) Just taking one day out of the week to feel a bit pampered really, *really* makes a difference in your whole attitude throughout the week.

  2. I love your WADT, I'm totally going to start doing it, now I just need to find some dresses!


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