Monday, November 1, 2010

Monkey Business

Good morning!  HAPPY NOVEMBER!  I can't believe this is our last full month in Atlanta.  We've got a great month planned!

How about a big and filling breakfast to sustain me through the month?  I was out of bagels, so I toasted up some of the bread I bought after my run on Saturday.  Delicious!  I am also loving my french press - why haven't I used this before?!  The coffee tastes so fresh.  Yum-me.


Now how about some photo overload of a certain adorable little boy in his Halloween costume?

Cutest.  Monkey.  Ever.

I love that smile!

So serious ...

Do you see the tail?!

Beautiful momma.

I love how he's staring at Elisabeth in this picture.  Totally in love.

Monkey business is FUN!

Love that tongue.

Okay, I'm off to make today a productive one - have a great day!


  1. So cute - and what an adorable costume!

  2. Love them! He is such an adorable little monkey! I can't wait until next year when I get to dress my little girl in a cute costume! So fun! I hope you have a beautiful and productive Monday :-)

  3. Adorable Monkey - and great photos :)

    Happy November!!

  4. Awwwe, you're right- cutest monkey ever :)


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