Monday, November 1, 2010

Georgia Voters - Vote YES to Amendment 2!

Greetings, friends!  Happy Election Eve!

Here's the thing ... I try to stay off of politics on here, because there is a time and a place for everything and my blog is neither for politics.

That being said ... 

Tomorrow Georgia voters will have the opportunity to pass Amendment 2, which will create a $10 car tag fee that will benefit the expansion of trauma centers in Georgia.  The monies from this small fee have the potential to generate $80 million A YEAR for trauma centers.  $80 million!  That's crazy.

I know it seems like "just another way to tax people" but this is really important.  As proud as I am to have made it through a summer at Grady, Georgia NEEDS more trauma centers.  There are only four Level 1 trauma hospitals in the entire state of Georgia.  I saw entirely too many people flown in this summer that needed to be treated sooner than the helicopter could get them to Grady.

You have the opportunity to save lives.  Please vote YES on Amendment 2.

Click here for more information.


For those of you not in Georgia - please get out and vote tomorrow!  You have the opportunity to dictate the type of change you want to see in this country.


  1. What a great scheme!

    It's so easy to be caught up in the negative side of taxation without recognising the good that it can do - ensuring that those in need are looked after is so important. Unfortunately, there just aren't enough generous individual donors (of time or money) to make sure that nobody suffers.

  2. A scheme is right. How long do you think it would take the government to abuse this new TAX. Remember the Ga400 tolls? Lottery funding for Hope & Pre-k? Besides we already have a source of funding for trauma- remember the "super speeder" tack on fine for trauma care? From property taxes to income taxes to ad valorm taxes to school taxes to fines, fees, and penalties I am starting to wonder if I should just direct deposit my hard earned check direct into the general fund and let the government decide if I should have anything to take care of my family. Middle class America is broke. It is well past the time to reduce wasteful spending and demand more for the taxes we already pay. How much do you think representatives perks cost taxpayers? America we must wake up.

  3. @Anonymous - I wish that we weren't so wary about how taxes like these were being used. You are right - taxes have been abused in the past. I just hope that the Georgia leaders see need for more trauma centers and find a way to work it in the budget. I can see why people voted down the tax itself, but I would still love to see trauma medical care expanded in Georgia. I think it's a necessary expense.


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