Friday, November 12, 2010

Full of Friday

Wow ... What a day!

First of all - THANK YOU Leslie for the wonderful guest post this morning!  I am absolutely drooooooling over that white coat and love some of the new sites she introduced us all to.  As my friend Maura commented, "God and cute shoes - throw in a cute pocketbook, cute outfit and you're ready to take on the world! Amen."


So this morning actually started out kind of early for me.  I knew I was taking a long lunch, so I wanted to get into work early to be productive before I left.  Driving to work, however, was kind of a mess.  Traffic was a nightmare, I almost ran out of gas on the scooter and my patience was wearing thin.  I had already decided to grab coffee and breakfast once I got on campus, but after the three-mile-commute-turned-fiasco, I knew I needed more than the portable coffee cart in our building.

As I walked across campus towards Starbucks, I tried to take deep breaths and remind myself that I should not let Atlanta traffic define my mood.

This helped. :) I ordered a venti black coffee and a perfect oatmeal, topped with brown sugar, nuts and about half of a blueberry scone.

Oh my goodness.  I had seen a couple of other food bloggers try out this combination and I was skeptical, but it was a-mazing.  I think I want to make my own batch of muffins at home and use it as a topping more often.

Lunch was here ...

Doesn't it look like I had lunch in a national park?  I was actually at the Chick fil A corporate headquarters!  My friends Dan and Brenda (Dan and I went to seminary together) invited Sarah, her husband Andrew and myself to lunch today (Brenda works for corporate)!  It was SO MUCH FUN.

Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick fil A has a ridiculously large collection of antique cars, many of which stay at the corporate office.

At one point Andrew grabbed Sarah's hand and said, "Come on Sarah, let's take a picture near the (insert name of this pretty red car that I don't know here)."  And Sarah obliged.

That, my friends, is love.

My favorite!

Lunch was in the dining room.  There was some Chick fil A food there, but also a huge fresh salad bar and a hot meal.

Let's see if I can remember this.  Iceberg lettuce mix + spinach, topped with kidney beans and black beans, snap peas and tomatoes, sunflower seeds and pico de gallo.  A hard boiled egg on the side, along with red pepper roasted hummus + 2 pitas and guacamole.  Oh my.

After lunch Brenda told Dan to bring us to the self serve ice cream and toppings bar.

Ice cream for five!  Bruce looked at this picture, pointed at the bottom middle cup and said, "That was yours, right?"  Do you know how he knew?  Because you can't see any ice cream, only toppings!  What can I say?  The toppings are my favorite part.

After lunch all I wanted to do was curl up and take a nap, but I did the responsible thing and went back to work.  When I got home Bruce and Gib (who had been pretending they were Atlanta tourists at the World of Coke all afternoon) were itching to go out, but I opted to stay in, put on sweatpants, order pizza  and curl up with NCIS.

Loaded with chicken, pineapple and onions!

I just realized I didn't cook all day.  Eek!  I've been so good lately.  It's just one day, right?

I also have ANOTHER visitor!  Kari just got here!  She literally came down for the weekend to help me pack.  I need someone as detail-focused as I am to help me with some of the smaller, but time-consuming packing items.  We're also going to take things off of the walls (sniff) and start to hit the holes left behind with spackle.  We are probably also going to head out for one more long-ish run before I start to taper for my race. I'm hoping for a productive weekend!



  1. That ice cream looks wonderful! :)

  2. Chicken, pineapple, and onions? That's totally my kind of pizza!


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