Monday, October 25, 2010

Wells Fargo?

Good afternoon!  I buckled down this morning and completed what I was calling "Operation Inbox" and actually feel like I have some control again!  It also helps that I paid some bills (hooray for checking things off my to-do list!) along the way ...

I woke up to rumblings of thunder this morning!

We were under a tornado watch!  Not fun for people on the roads, but extra-cozy for me in sweatpants, drinking coffee and watching the Today Show!  I love having a flexible work schedule - I know I will never again in my life be afforded this kind of luxury.

Breakfast was black coffee and a PB multigrain bagel.

Eventually I made my way to work and ate lunch at my desk.  The last of my Pasta Chicken Stir Fry (the recipe for that is here) - how sad!  Luckily I've got last night's French Onion Roast to attack next. :)


Okay, this is completely unrelated, but much more important than food.  Bruce and I both have accounts at Wachovia, which is now (as of Saturday) Wells Fargo.  We haven't combined our accounts yet, mostly because of how my accounts were set up to pay tuition when I was in school.  I always figured I would combine them when we moved and had a more permanent address because I didn't feel like having to change our direct deposits and online bill paying accounts.

Not that you needed to know any of that.  But sometimes I have a tendency to over-share.

ANYWAY, this weekend I was going through mail and saw that Bruce had gotten his new Wells Fargo debit account.  I haven't seen mine yet.  THEN this morning I signed into both of our accounts.  I signed into mine through Wachovia's website, but when I signed into Bruce's I was guided through the steps of setting up an account through Wells Fargo online.

I'll be honest - I didn't read up on the buy-out and the transitional processes that the banks are putting place the way I should have.  I definitely will be doing some research tonight, but is anyone else formerly-Wachovia-transitioning-to-Wells-Fargo-banking?  Have the transitions happened for all of you or are they happening in groups?  Also - will my account numbers change?  My current account numbers are saved in my online accounts (utilities, credit cards, etc.) and I don't know if I need to change them.  Help!


  1. Account numbers - not changing, you should have received your debit card though... might need to look into that. I am of the understanding that the only thing you need to worry about is having reoccurring payments from your debit card. Admittedly though, I wasn't very thorough about reading all of the documentation.

  2. The transition happened in MS Already and I am pretty pleased. Their website has an budget watch thing that is pretty cool. A few clicks and you can see where all your money goes super easy! It even lets you personalize the labels for checks and payments. I was worried at first, but ALL my bill pay info was loaded into the Wells Fargo site. Seems like a good fit for us.

    Oh, and Corey and I only got joint accts, but we each kept our personal accts for our personal spending. Corey has a lot of "school" expenses, so we just put an allowance in his checking acct. My acct is more like an emergency acct and our joint acct pays the bills.


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