Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WADT - Celebrating Women in Community


Look at that beautiful blue sky!

And those beautiful leaves!

I love fall.  Have I mentioned that?

I also love pizza with so many toppings that you have to eat it with a fork.

Leftovers for lunch!  Bruce and I are trying to make it out to our favorite restaurants before the move and Maddio's has a really affordable Monday night special.  I got my pizza with ham, pineapple and chicken!  The meat is all is free-range and - I hate to say this - you can definitely taste the difference.

I'm gonna miss that place!

Okay, let's move on to Wear a Dress Tuesday.  As I was recuperating yesterday, I made the decision that I needed a kick-butt dress for WADT today.  I mean - that is the point of WADT after all!  What a perfect way to get back on my feet after such an emotional weekend.

And do you know what?

It worked. :) I'm wearing a $20 steal from Ross over a white blouse (I love layering in the fall and winter!) and my new black boots from Target (on sale!).  I started off the season with two pair of black boots that were both totally shot, so I got one new pair and got rid of the other two.  Does that count as scaling back?

I have a confession - I really needed to feel some WADT love today.  I just needed to feel the power of women warriors beating the Tuesday blahs all across the country.  I didn't say anything out loud, though.  I just thought it.

And ... wow.  Just ... WOW.  There were a few newcomers today and I got tons of other messages and e-mails from people telling me they were joining up.  They made my day - every message, every status, every picture.  To everyone who took part today - thank you all for standing in community with me.  Your friendships are priceless.

Beth, I miss you.  I'm jealous that Iowa has you.  And I think you look fabulous.  And you are my hero for doing an entire year of CPE.  I would be in a ball in the corner if I had tried to do that.

Alex, I love your sweater.  I'm glad WADT brightened up a dreary Pennsylvania day!

Mom, I wonder what would happen if you put Olivia in a dress?  SEE YOU IN DECEMBER!

I think those are all the pictures I got today.  Thank you to everyone who put on a dress today and to everyone who reached out to me and told me and/or sent pics.  You made my day.  Really and truly.

I love you guys.



  1. You look beautiful Sarah! Love the last pic of you laughing...so fun!


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