Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Moving Details!

Okay, I'm not really sure what happened to the day.  I know I've been at work - and I know I've accomplished things - but how is it already 5:00?

My morning started off with breakfast on the porch!

Fall in Atlanta is so weird.  The mornings are so crisp, but it is still hitting the high 70's, low 80's by the afternoon.  That I am not really a fan of!  At any rate, it is nice to enjoy the crisp mornings outside in sweats.

Also - my head is still a little wanky in the mornings from the constant temperature changes, so I am continuing to pump myself full of Vitamin C. I'm not sure it's helping, but it's always nice to have juice with breakfast!

I did something for lunch that I never let myself do anymore - I went over to one of Emory dining halls to get it.  We are trying to be soooooo good about not eating out, but I was just craving a big, cold salad and I didn't have the stuff to make it at home.  I was able to load my greens with peas, kidney beans, carrots, tomatoes, onions, croutons and shredded cheese.  YUM!  I've got a super inexpensive dinner planned to make up for it, though.

Okay, on to more exciting things.  Moving!

Do you remember this post?  My mom and I were at their other house while I was visiting in Connecticut and I made a joke about possibly moving there one day.  Seriously - it was a joke.  Until the next day when we all (meaning Bruce and me and eventually my parents) started thinking seriously about my search and call process.  And then we started thinking more seriously about the possibility of Bruce and I temporarily living in their empty house while I'm working through the search and call process.

And then I thought about it.  A lot.

And then I went to North Carolina, saw Eat, Pray, Love and contemplated whether it was time for me to take my own journey into the unknown.  I know I was kind of cryptic in that post, but I was thinking out loud.  Did it make sense to quit our jobs, move and leave so much for the possibility that we might stumble upon something incredible?  In the end, we said yes.  And then I called my parents and told them they had new tenants. :)

Here are the details that I currently know ...

Who?  Bruce, me and Lilly.  Don't even get me started on how much I am dreading the 16 hour drive to Connecticut with a cat who doesn't travel well.

What?  What will this do to my search and call process?  Am I only going to be looking for churches in Connecticut?  NO!  I am going to do a nationwide search.  If the perfect church in California and I find each other, then I am going bleach blonde and am west coast bound.  Living in Connecticut will just give me the opportunity to be closer to my sponsoring church and ordination committee and to conduct my search in a place saturated with UCC churches (giving me more opportunities there).

Where?  My parents' other house in Northwest Connecticut, the house where I spent ages 10-18 in.  It's going to be fun to be back!  Eventually my parents do want to sell the house, so Bruce and I will be tasked with some "sprucing" tasks to get the house sale-ready.

When?  Our official move date is December 7, although Bruce may leave earlier with the moving truck and make a stop in Pennsylvania.  I will probably arrive on December 8.  If the pantry and refrigerator were stocked when I got there, I wouldn't complain.  I'm just sayin ...

Why?  Because it's fun to spend one final summer in Hotlanta and then move to Connecticut in the middle of the winter.  Clearly.

How?  Just how temporary is temporary?  Well - we don't really know.  The search and call process can take an average of 6-9 months, so our "long-term" right now is about a year.  Hopefully by then I'll have more of a direction.  The nice thing is that we won't be stuck in a lease when the time comes to move - the flexibility will be amazing!  We will both eventually get settled into jobs and I will continue with my "real" job search while working.

Now it probably makes more sense why my October goal was to clean out our apartment.  Neither one of us want to move the stuff that we don't need, use or want.  We're moving into much more space, but that's only temporary and we do want to simplify our lives.  We've made some pretty good progress on our closets, now we're trying to clean out some kitchen and other living things (does anyone want an espresso machine?  We have two.  How about a wire storage container?).

Alright, that's all I've got for you right now!  As the details unfold, I will share them all!

I'm going to head home and possibly go out for a short run.  After Sunday's disastrous run (hmm, I still haven't recapped that here), I've kind of got myself psyched out on the running front.  I've been thinking a lot about the half and about my expectations for it and that's helped me a lot.  I'm going to take it easy today and just enjoy myself - that's what it should be about!

Love you all,

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