Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Redemption Wednesday





Tornado watches and warnings have been popping up all over the state of Georgia today!  It's insane.  So far the metro-Atlanta area has only been under a watch, but it's still a wet and muggy mess out there.

Because I put in two longer days on Monday and Tuesday and I'm still only supposed to be working part-time I decided to take the day off and focus on packing, ordination and general life chores that I've been putting on the back burner lately.

But first ...

I needed to redeem myself in the kitchen after last night's mess.  Creamy cream of mushroom soup seasoned with sea salt and ground pepper served over leftover egg noodles.  Sweet potato fries on the side!  (Not the ones Bruce picked up off of the floor last night.)

Ahh, good to know I'm still competent.  I went to bed last night convinced my kitchen was cursed.

Alright, I'm off to get back to the packing!  We cleared some space in our bedroom for boxes that have been packed, marked and are ready to go.

Ahhhh, the site of organization just makes me happy.

Have a great day!  To those of you in the southeast - stay dry!



  1. It's been cloudy, super windy, raingin on and off here for the past few days, too. No tornadoe warnings that I know of, though.

    It'd dreary, yes..but I love this kind of weather!

  2. It sounds like the weather has just been awful for you guys today ... fingers crossed it clears up soon!!


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