Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5 Miles In The Pouring Rain

I haven't had this much fun running since I got caught in a snowstorm four years ago.

Once the metro area was free of a tornado watch, I decided to throw caution to the rain wind and head out for a run.

Just FYI - I obsessively checked the radar before I left and made sure I would just be running in rain and wouldn't get caught in a tornado or even lightning/thunder.  Trust me - a summer in the burn unit will scare you away from running in that.

I e-mailed Bruce and told him I was thinking of heading out for a run.  His advice?  "Have a blast running in puddles!"

And you know what?

I did.

It actually was only a heavy sprinkle for the first two miles.  Then things started to pick up.  By mile 4 it was absolutely pouring.  But the heavier it rain the faster I ran.  I felt like I was flying.

I was soaked.  It was awesome.  I could have gone another 5.  I ran 5.00 miles in in 56:26, averaging a 10:17 pace.  Ummmmm, hello?!  A 10:17 PACE!  Who am I?  I never run that fast!

I have to be honest - it hasn't been a great two weeks of running.  This run was exactly what I needed in order to re-energize me in my last month of training.

Actually, this DAY was exactly what I needed in order to re-energize me in my last two months of life in Atlanta.  I feel like I got soooooo much done on the packing/organizing/cleaning front.

My pile grew from this morning!

The weather reeked havoc on Bruce's commute, so he didn't home until 8 and was in the mood for something quick, delicious and not healthy for dinner.

Pizza it was!  I dipped mine in italian dressing - does anyone else do that?  It sounds gross, but it's delicious.

I'm off to finish up some laundry and get to bed at a reasonable hour.  I did NOT sleep well last night, so I'm hoping I can make up for that tonight.



  1. I LOVE running in the rain! I find myself giggling and pushing wet hair out of my face...not worrying about my pace or how much my legs hurt.

    It actually worked out for me -- my first half marathon fell on a rainy, puddle-filled day and my second happened in 29 degree weather in Florida, with sleet smacking me in the face for 13.1 miles. :)

  2. How fun! The pizza looks delish and I LOVE mine with Italian dressing too! Did that just tonight as a matter of fact!


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