Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wear a Dress Tuesday and I'm Not Packed!

A friend of mine at work always talking about "Fresh Start Monday" - while everyone else is moaning and groaning over the end of the their weekends, she bounces in, excited about the possibilities the week may bring.

We both realized last week that because of Labor Day, "Fresh Start Monday" would be "Fresh Start Tuesday" - meaning "Wear a Dress Tuesday" would become "Wear a Dress Fresh Start Tuesday".

It's a mouthful, but it's also fun to think about!  Ohhhh, the possibilities - all because of a dress!

Anyway, let's get to the fun stuff ...

I'm in a dress that I got at Target last year, black flats (being kind to my knee!) and accessorized with red corral earrings that Sara got me in Hawaii.

Speaking of Sara ...

... poor thing had a migraine all day, but that didn't stop her from looking fabulous!  Today I'm wearing an Old Navy sundress from last season--three tiered grayscale. I have on an oversized black beaded necklace. I have on Roman style sequined sandals that I LOVE from Target. I didn't wear the AV8rs today because it's overcast.

I love her shoes!

Some pictures from last week ...

Alyssa on her first day of school as a junior at Millersville.  Man - to be a junior in college again.  Time flies, Alyssa.  Enjoy life and don't take yourself too seriously!

Rachel is a friend from seminary - saw WADT on facebook last week and joined up at the last minute.  She said it was fun, knowing that her friends were doing the same thing all around the country!

Back to today ...

Alex and I went to college together and she's now a high school science teacher in PA.  She e-mailed me the pic and was said something about, "Don't mind the flour and sugar on my dress, first couple of days of school stuff".  I said, "What, exactly, are you doing with flour and sugar in a chem lab?"  Apparently she was teaching about lab safety and told the kids that the powder was deadly so they had to handle it - thinking it was deadly - without getting it on their clothes.

I feel like I would have paid better attention in chemistry if I could have played with baking supplies.

My mom (right) and her friends Diane and Gloria.  Taken outside one of the Sunday School classrooms. Can't wait to see all three of these women this week!

I'm off to finish packing!  I hope you all had a fabulous Wear a Dress Tuesday.  If you took pictures, send them along and I'll post them next week.


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  1. Love your cute dress and coral accessories! I AM wearing a dress today! Having my co-worker take a pic, so I'll email it to you tonight!


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