Sunday, September 5, 2010

Half Marathon Training Schedule

Happy Beautiful September 5th!

In all of the new lens - related excitement yesterday, I failed to mention that I had gotten in an awesome 3-mile run at Stone Mountain yesterday morning.

My legs felt awesome when I started off (I can only imagine it had something to do with the 20 minutes of stretching I've been doing a night!) but I totally burned out after three miles.  When I uploaded my stats for the day, I realized I had taken off at an 8:30/mile pace!  Oy.  As great as that will be for my 5K in October, it's really not helpful when I'm trying to train for distance.  What's a girl to do?

Click to enlarge if you're interested in looking closer at it.

Hand her training over to her former all-state running husband, of course!  This is what my training schedule looks like right now - Bruce e-mailed it to me (yes, from across the room, don't all couples do that?) with the subject line, "This will get you there".  The body of the e-mail said, "I want to train with you. We'll start tonight or tomorrow."

Why do I have a feeling my sweet husband is about to turn into a drill sergeant?

I'm cutting this short - unfortunately I am enjoying the beautiful weather from my desk today.  I have a pile of ordination-related things that I need to finish before two very important meetings Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Enjoy your Sabbath!

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