Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apparently Lindsay Lohan Is My Inspiration

Alternatively Titled: On Wear a Dress Tuesday, Food and Running (Half Marathon Training 9/28/10).

This is the day that the Lord has made! It was 54 degrees when I left for work this morning! NCIS is on tonight! It's Wear a Dress Tuesday!

Side note: When I looked at this photo I realized that my hip is cocked in all of my WADT pictures. So I decided to take another one ...

Ha. Oh well - I tried.

Head over to Sara's blog for her WADT post. If anybody else posted about WADT, leave your blog URL in the comments section!


Bruce sent me an e-mail this morning that said we were going to tackle some HILLS in our run this afternoon. We were only scheduled for 2-3 miles, so it was a great time to push ourselves up some hills (Atlanta races are notorious for their horrifically placed hills). Around 5 p.m. he sent me another e-mail:

Subject: Fuel
Hey babe did you eat something? You need to get some fuel in your system in the next 15 to twenty minutes. Something with carbs and a little protein, even some sugar. Maybe go grab some peanut M&M's - they are good for quick energy - or maybe a PB&J would be a good high energy snack! Just get something in there soon.

I had eaten a late lunch ...

(I made another Pineapple Sandwich Thins Pizza! Hey, when there are only two people living in a house, you tend to see a lot of repeats until you eat all of the ingredients.)

... but I decided to make a bowl of oatmeal anyway. There was something about Bruce's e-mail that made think I was going to need a little something extra.

Oatmeal sprinkled with brown sugar and a walnut/pecan mix. Yum! I NEVER ate oatmeal as a kid - I thought the texture was gross.

When I was in college I started to eat the instant packets. But only the really flavored ones. Then I met my friend Marissa who buys oatmeal by the canister and mixes and matches all kinds of different toppings. She inspired me.

Yum. It's been too hot to really enjoy a bowl of oatmeal lately. Devouring a bowl of oatmeal on my porch on a beautiful fall day was the perfect prelude to my run.


How was my run? Thanks for asking! For starters, let's talk about one of my favorite topics: music. When I started to think about tackling hills today I knew I was going to need a kick butt playlist in order to push me to the top. I was watching E! True Hollywood Story on Lindsay Lohan (girlfriend's seen better days) while I was waiting for Bruce to get home and Lindsay actually inspired my new running playlist.

Running Playlist 9/28/10:
Ultimate (Lindsay Lohan)
Ever Ever After (Carrie Underwood)
Party In The U.S.A. (Miley Cyrus)
All These Things That I've Done (The Killers)
Autobiography (Ashlee Simpson)
Come On Over (Jessica Simpson)
Poker Face (Lady Gaga)
Love Story (Taylor Swift)
Live at P.J.'s (The Beastie Boys)
Livin' on a Prayer (Bon Jovi)
Mississippi Girl (Faith Hill)
Red High Heels (Kellie Pickler)

Somewhere in Connecticut my father is crying at the realization that his daughter has all of these female pop artists in her iTunes account. What can I say? I was in a mood. And it helped! We covered 3.25 miles in 33:50, averaging a 10:25 pace. Not bad considering we tackled these bad boys ...

That second-to-last hill was my idea. I suggested we take a side loop to "throw in an extra hill for fun".

For FUN?! Who am I?!


I'm off to stretch out my sore legs and head to bed. Goodnight!

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  1. That's such a cute outfit! And the oats look delicious. They're my favorite pre-run fuel too but usually end up weighing me down. So I save them post-run fuelage..works either way :P


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