Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wear a Dress Tuesday in Purple Shoes

I had an educational morning and then took a half day from the hospital, so I felt it was an appropriate time to bring out the following shoes this morning for WADT that would not have worked at the hospital ...

Purple 3 1/2 inch pumps with a bow on them.

I told the other interns this morning that I feel empowered as a woman when I spend a day in shoes like this.

Towards the end of last week Alyssa sent me her WADT picture ...

Here's a fun fact.  She bought this skirt in Switzerland.  On a trip that Bruce was also on.  This was before Bruce and I met!

Kari and Betsy took a break from med school long enough to make dinner and send me a WADT pic.

Oh, and apparently Kari bought a pink sponge today that she's really excited about.  You'll have to ask her about that.

Sara had a doctor's appointment this morning (see the band aid from the blood draw) ...

... but I'm pretty sure WADT made her feel better. :)

Sarah was rocking "animal flair" (her words, not mine) ...

I love her "a-okay" gesture.  Yes.  Things will be okay.  Even though as of Friday I will be unemployed and at the mercy of a very slow and linear ordination and search & call process ... things will be okay.

I love my friends.


And the lessons that both of them teach me.

Goodnight all.  And much love to everyone who reads this.


  1. I LOVE your shoes & I LOVEEEE your dress! You look HOT! LOL!

  2. Do you watch Last Comic Standing?? Cause there was a GREAT bit that featured a pair of purple shoes last night...

  3. Your shoes rock my socks off. I might try to dress professionally next week fro WADT. The sad thing for me is that I'm home of Tuesdays. Casual dresses are better for me. Love you, Purple Shoe Queen!

  4. I LOVE your dress and your shoes, and the way you did you hair. You look gorgeous today!!

  5. Oooo, the purple pumps! I knew they would have a use! What an excellent purchase.

  6. Okay...the picture does not do it justice. The shirt really does have a zebra print flair to it...it's stinkin' hard to take my WADT pictures myself. Boo...I'll need to recruit someone to take them since my usual photographer is out of town on business...LITERALLY!

    Tangent - I love you shoes...and I love you!

  7. You look so pretty, Sarah! You are totally OWNING that dress and those pumps...fashionista alert!!

    And can we talk about how teeny your waist looks?! Simply gorgeous, darlin'!

  8. How do walk in those things? Of course, you look great, but still how do you do it? Glad to hear that you are in the final "moments" of CPE and then your waiting game begins... will pray for patience for you and a good, swift kick in the backside of those holding you back... See you soon..

  9. I love the shoes! You look too cute! I would do wear a dress tuesday with you if I didn't have to wear scrubs pretty much every day of my life :-)

  10. Lookin' gorgeous, my friend!! I gave a tour to a chaplain from Chicago last week and thought of you! lol!

  11. Oh wow...I love the first few pic of you. You look SO pretty!

    I'll be praying for you and your future. I know the Lord has BIG plans for you!


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