Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sweet Presents

I survived my FINAL night on call!  I only got about two hours of sleep, so I took a much needed nap when I got home.

Before I left yesterday I checked the mail and found a package from Sara.

Coral earrings and a bracelet from her honeymoon in Hawaii!  She also wrote me the sweetest, most uplifting and encouraging note about getting through the last couple weeks of CPE.  It was just what I needed before I left for my night on call!

Thank you Sara, I miss you!


  1. What a fabulous picture!! I'm so glad you like them and so glad it was what you needed!! I'm just sorry it took me so long to remember to pick up padded envelopes. I miss you so much!!! Enjoy sweet girl!

  2. Ooh, love those earrings! Yay for your last night on call. You did it!


  3. Yay for us having the same earrings and bracelets! When I read Tate's note it brought tears to my eyes...and then it was confirmed what I have felt all along...When I put on that bracelet it made me think of those "best friends forever" bracelets/necklaces that we all bought at Claire's when we were in middle school...we really are best friends...but way cooler than middle schoolers!!!


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