Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend Recap: Independence Edition

What.A.Fun.Weekend.  Where to start?

On Friday night, Bruce and I went over to our friends' house for dessert and scrabble (this is where the 'Fury' photo came from).  I don't think we have seen them since graduation and we seriously needed some time to catch up!  They are expecting their first baby at the end of August (!!) and I couldn't be more happy for them - they are going to be incredible parents.

Saturday morning we woke up and did some much needed cleaning around the apartment.  I feel like we need to vacuum twice a week in order to keep up with the dirt, dust, cat fur and hair that collects around here!  I wouldn't mind, but Lilly absolutely hates the vacuum and every time we turn it on she is traumatized for a good hour and a half and we have to bribe her with treats to come out from under the couch.

Anyway, around 10:30 Kari got here!  Kari had called me last week and said she had a three day weekend from the hospital (she's a 4th year medical student at Wake Forest in North Carolina) and wanted to get out of town.  We didn't have any plans so I told her to come down and we'd celebrate the U.S.A. right.

I'm sure you're thinking to yourself, "How do you celebrate the U.S.A. right?"  Well, I'm glad you asked.  We did three things.

1. Economic stimulation.  We shopped.  A lot.  In fact ... 

... this was the damage.  Impressive, no?  I'm happy to say that I didn't buy anything at full price and spent no more than $12 on anything!

This might have been my favorite purchase ... 

... 50% off Vera Bradley aprons!

We cooked dinner and I ruined my tablespoon measuring device.  Don't feel too sorry for me.  I stuck a plastic measuring spoon into a skillet filled with hot bacon grease and didn't think that this might happen ... 

Safely filed under "Well, it was my own dumb fault".

Anyway, this will lead to more economic stimulation.  Because I now need a new tablespoon measuring spoon.  And will most likely find some other sort of kitchen gadget that I never knew I needed when I set out to purchase a replacement.

"Sarah Weaver - Pulling this country out of its recession, one ruined-by-hot-bacon-grease-tablespoon at a time."

Moving right along ... 

2. Tailgating, baseball and fireworks.  In that order.

We all piled into Bruce's truck and set up outside of the ballpark.  Bruce and Kari tossed a football around ... 

... and I put my feet up and drank a Diet Coke.

I love America.

The game was fun (even if the results were less than desirable).  Our seats were awesome!

We root-root-rooted for the home team and when they didn't win it was a shame.

Oh - side note.  Before the game started a slew of military personnel brought this baseball field - sized (literally) flag out for the national anthem ... 

I cried.  Is it normal to cry over a large flag?  Does patriotism increase with age?  I don't think I've ever cried over the singing of The Star Spangled Banner before.

After the game we moved up into the upper deck behind home plate so we could get a better view of the fireworks.

Look at that beautiful skyline.  I love my city.

Bruce and me waiting for the fireworks to start!  I was getting impatient.


At one point we could see three fireworks shows going on.  The show on the field, the ones from Centennial Olympic Park and the ones at Stone Mountain.  How cool!

3. Tourist attractions.  The kind that involve backpacks and cameras.

I had today off from the hospital (I needed the three day weekend!) so Kari and I made plans with some friends of ours for lunch.  When we were looking at the map to figure out how to get to the restaurant, we realized that the Atlanta Botanical Garden was right down the street and convinced ourselves that we HAD to go!

The garden is BEAUTIFUL!  Words really don't describe it.

They had different exhibits with all different kinds of climates and agriculture.

I think I'll upload my photos to flickr so if you want to click over and see them all you can.

I took this picture of my reflection in a lilly pond.  I want to go back!

I am absolutely exhausted (and kind of broke!) but the weekend was totally worth it!

Travel safe to everyone still making their way home!


  1. I'm sad I never made it to the botanical gardens before I left....

    Looks like you had an awesome weekend!

  2. These picks from the garden came out beautifully.

  3. Love the photo of you and Kari in your aprons! As for the melted spoon, I bought a set of magnetically nesting measuring spoons and the teaspoon attached to the bottom of my tea kettle............ Need I say more? Couldn't find spoon set replacement but did replace the kettle.

  4. You said that you love your town in reference to Atlanta. Does that mean you're staying???
    Glad you had a great weekend with Bruce and your friends...

  5. you are so beautiful and so funny!! haha

    I was impatient for fireworks too!!!

    I love all of your photos :)

    I have yet to get anything vera bradley but /i love her lines as well!!!

  6. Hey lady! Happy 4th! Cute pics!! I was looking for you on my blog feed and realized you weren't there. Can't believe I've been reading this long and haven't officially followed! My bad! problem solved! :))) Hope u have a great week at work!

  7. Love, love, love this post! I'm not even sure where to start! The pic of you and Bruce is awesome and so are the flower pics! Sounds like you guys had an amazing weekend and LOL about economic stimulation! You always crack me up! Speaking of baking stuff, I saw some super cute stainless steel measuring cups that were heart shaped that I fell in love with. Might need to go searching for some for myself!


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