Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nighttime Skyline Perfection

Living in a city sometimes drives me crazy.

I hate that I have to pay any time I need to park somewhere.
I hate how expensive everything is.
I hate how far we have to drive if we want to go hiking (or Bruce wants to go fishing).
I hate that I cannot see the stars at night.  I think I took advantage of them my entire life.

However ... there are some things I am going to miss when we close out this chapter in our lives ... 

Like this.


  1. How did you get that picture? Where were you? I love it!!!

  2. the luster of Atlanta will dim somewhat when you and Bruce head off at the end of summer... Looking forward to seeing ya'll this weekend... Dan

  3. Beth, I took the picture from the 17th Street bridge that takes you to Atlantic Station. Bruce and I went down there right before the sun set on Saturday night, walked around until dusk and then when the sun was almost completely set (meaning there was still a little bit of light, but most of it was from street light), I shot this picture from the bridge. I was able to pick up the blue in the sky and the lights from the building by turning off the flash and having a really high exposure. I also slowed down the shutter speed so that the cars blended together) in to that red streak that you see).

    It was a fun outing!

  4. I have that whole hate/love city thing sometimes too...I love to be close enough to be able to go for an evening of fun, but far enough to where all of the things you listed aren't a bother to me!

  5. I think that is an absolutely fabulous photo Sarah! Would you be ever so kind as to email me a copy? :)


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