Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Thumb is Turning Green

We have two more cherry tomatoes!

We now have a grand total of five cherry tomatoes - all of which are still green.  I am such a naive gardener, but I didn't realize that this process would take so long!  It's fun though - the cherry tomato plants seem to be doing well and the heirloom tomato plant ... 

... well, the heirloom tomato plant is getting so tall that I fear one day I will find a giant living at the top of it.  No tomatoes yet, but Bruce thinks it will happen soon.  

If anything, it's nice to have all of the greenery on our deck!

The weather was really nice this morning so I decided to take a late morning walk with my camera.  The sun was SO bright so I put a circular polarizer filter on my lens to block out any glare from the light.  The resulting colors were incredible!

I used to think orange was a tacky color, but it's kind of growing on me.  It's bold.  I like that.  Everybody should be a little bit bold every now and then.

Who doesn't like pink?  It looks like the color of those raspberry popsicles.  Yummmmm.

Speaking of gorgeous photography (okay, no one said my photography was gorgeous, but the flowers I was shooting certainly were), my friend Katie sent me a picture of her daughter Spencer wearing her Wear a Dress Tuesday dress yesterday.

I don't know what's more beautiful in this picture.  The photo itself, Spencer, her smile, her free spirit or the dress itself.  You know what?  I love it all.

I hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday!  Bruce went out with friends after work and just got home so we are going to snuggle up and watch the end of the Braves game.  They are playing the Marlins and Fox Sports keeps showing downtown Miami and the beaches so I am currently dreaming of a tropical and relaxing vacation.  Ahhhhh ... 


Is anyone else trying their thumb at gardening this year?  Should my tomatoes be taking this long?  Are there any other good and easy vegetables for rookie gardeners (like me) to plant?


  1. Tomatoes are supposed to take a while. Last summer at the monastery we had 269 tomato plants. Yeah, you read that number right, 269. And though they were all planted when I arrived in June, none were ready to eat until August!! (But just fyi, homegrown tomatoes...totally worth the wait).

  2. My zucchini are doing okay so far - I've got 3 that are almost ready to be picked. Strawberries didn't do so well out in the desert. I think they need shade out here.

    Basil's easy too. Nothing beats fresh herbs!

  3. Thank you, that's so sweet! And your veggies look delicious! I do flowers and basic windowsill herbs, but I've never attempted vegetables.

  4. I LOVE your pictures--and the one of Spencer! Itching to see your house....miss you darling!!


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