Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blog Preview FAIL

A little over two weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon, I posted a list of things that I was going to blog about over the coming week.  I was looking at it today, wondering how much I actually accomplished.  I think it's safe to say that I've failed at the first 'to-do' list I've given myself since finishing graduation school:

I, Sarah Elizabeth Weaver, promise to share with my friends ...

... my new polished recipe for Southwestern Pasta Salad that will feed an army and leave you wanting more. Complete with pictures. I know you're excited (especially you, Gib - I just may make you some when you come visit this summer).

... the strange discoveries one makes when their husband decides it's time to clean out the bedroom closet (does anyone need six tubes of lipgloss?).

... how God is teaching me how to run again.

... why I cannot wait to go through my stuff and sort through and donate the stuff I don't need or use.

... the way in which my creative energies are bursting at the seems, waiting impatiently for me to stop being attached to my computer 24 hours a day.

... how I start to cry every time I think about what graduation means - ie leaving the friends who have become family over these past three years, the ones who have been with me through the ups and downs, the exams and the papers, the "A-ha!" moments and the "What in the heck is he talking about today?" moments. I love them all.


Apparently I don't do well without structure in my life.  I have crossed off one out of six things in over two weeks.

Although in fairness to me, in the middle of all of this, a friend of mine passed away, I wrote and submitted my ordination papers, my parents came into town and I graduated.  But still - if I don't follow through on promises that I make to myself and to my friends about my blog topics, what others kinds of things am I not following through on?  Promises made to people about holding them up in prayer?  Following through on an agreement to help someone?  Finishing my ministerial profile so it's ready to go in September when I am ready to start looking for a job?

I like being a person of follow through.  I like being a blogger of follow through.  I like being a wife, daughter, sister and friend of follow through.  I like being a Christian of follow through.

So I am going to start back on my list tomorrow.  Not because I know you all are chomping at the bits to hear what I've got to say.  But because I want to hold myself accountable.


In the meantime - did you take part in Wear a Dress Tuesday?  I loved getting calls, texts, tweets, messages, etc. from people throughout the day saying they were wearing dresses.  It's such a fun way to feel connected!

Wear a Dress Tuesday

Send me your pictures if you took part!  I'll put together a separate post later.


Do you all ever find it hard to follow through on things?  What are some things you have found to be effective in helping you follow through?

I think I am going to need help with this - I don't know what it means to organize my life without school!


  1. I feel like my list of goals has been neglected myself. Grrr... I need to get back to mine too!

  2. I know what you mean about it being hard to organize without school - I feel the same way! Although I don't think it's quite hit me that I'm not going back to school...I don't think that will really settle in till the fall. Right now it just feels like summer break.

    P.S. Your taco seasoning recipe saved my dinner tonight!

  3. Spencer and I did wear a dress Tuesday, but I forgot take pictures again. Next week I promise to take pictures :)


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