Wednesday, April 14, 2010


First things first - and update on WADT.  Yesterday, Katie asked if skirts count for Wear a Dress Tuesday.  Absolutely!!  I love skirts, especially during these HOT southern summers, so they definitely count for WADT.

Secondly - I'm at that point in the semester where I need to make a final to-do list so I can see what needs to be done and revel in my accomplishments as I cross things off.  I am definitely going to need you all to hold me accountable - here goes ... 


Chaplaincy in a Multi-Religious Context
Final Case Study - 10 pages

Crisis Ministry
Teaching Presentation & Outline - 30 minutes
Teaching Reflection - 2 pages

Pastoral Care with Victims of Domestic Violence
Final Project - 5 pages
Presentation - 15 minutes

Directed Study
Final Paper - 12-15 pages
Resource Guide


Phew!!  Notice that I've already got an entire CLASS crossed off?  That makes me so happy!!  I can do this - graduation is right around the corner!!


  1. That's a short list Sarah, I like it!

  2. P.S. How do you do the cross out thing? I like it...and I want to make my own list!


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