Tuesday, March 30, 2010

AirTran Gets an A+++ on this Wear a Dress Tuesday

First thing's first.  Remember my flying grievances?  Part of them were due to the fact that we landed in White Plains on Thursday night and proceeded to sit on the tarmac for an hour and fifteen minutes while there was a plane with mechanical difficulties stranded in our gate.  When we checked the mail today, Bruce and I had each gotten a letter from AirTran.  Because of the inconvenience we may have been caused, AirTran has offered each of us (and everyone else on the plane) a $100 credit towards a future flight as well as qualifying the flight we were on for twice as many A+ reward points!!

Thanks, AirTran - you get an A+++ from me!!


Now on to Wear a Dress Tuesday.  After my long weekend and traveling woes, I was in serious need of Wear a Dress Tuesday to lighten my mood and put some pep in my step.  Here is today's picture:

From left to right - Whitney, Beth, Sara, me and Sarah

Candler students Stacey, Taylor and Mary also joined us but weren't able to make the picture.

I just talked to my parents on skype and my mom showed me her dress (well, skirt and top) - she says she's still not sure she understands the point, but she likes wearing something different.

Sarah has yet to fill me in on the Southeast Pennsylvania installment of Wear a Dress Tuesday ... stay tuned for that update.

Did any of my blog-tastic friends take part?  Comment and link up and I'll make sure to link back to you!!



It's been awhile since I've posted a cooking mishap.

I thought I was getting better.

Tonight, I was making potentially the simplest meal known to man.  Romaine salad with rice, tomatoes and walnut pieces.

Guess who added HALF the amount of water she was supposed to and forced herself and her husband to gnaw on hard, brown rice?

Sigh ... 

It's keeps me humble.


Last but not least ... 

You all know how much I am absolutely LOVING my new camera.  Of course (and this happens with all new gadgets, I'm convinced of this), this camera is only causing me to drool over the many accessories for it.  

Lenses and filters and tripods, oh my!!

I decided I would start small - I wanted to protect my lens with a clear filter, so I went into a local camera shop to see what they had.  I found a kit that not only included the clear filter, but also a polarized filter and a case for both of them for only a few dollars more than the cost of one individual filter.  I bit the bullet and dove into the world of filtering my lenses.

Like most things camera-related, I really have no idea what I am doing.  However, the sun was SO bright this afternoon, so while I was taking in some rays, I put on the polarized filter (think about what happens when you put polarized sunglasses on in bright sunlight) and snapped some pictures outside at Emory.

Isn't that color incredible?  This picture is straight out of camera - I love it!!


I think that's it for me today - phew!!  I'm ready for bed.


  1. I'm drooling over your camera...

    Can you email me a copy of the WADT picture? It's so much better than the one out of my camera!

  2. You guys all looked so cute in your WADT pic! That's awesome about AirTran making things right too! That's awesome!


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