Monday, February 1, 2010

New Week, New Month!! (Let's not talk about the fact that this is the month that I turn 25)

Happy February!!  I hope everyone's week/month started of fabulously.  I finally got back to work and school days after a couple of days off to ward away any cold/sinus/infectious germs I might have been carrying around and, I have to say, it was nice to not be testing the limits of bad TV.

I really don't have anything coherent to say tonight - I am on kind of on an academic high (I'm a dork and get like that sometimes) because I just heard an awesome guest lecture from Janet Cooper Nelson, the chaplain at Brown University.  She was talking to my Chaplaincy in a Multi-Religious Context class about the history of religious diversity in the United States and about how we really need to approach the divide between church and state.  She was fascinating, because she absolutely believes in a secular government (and public universities and schools) but also absolutely believes that religion should be taught in the public schools.  It was fascinating to hear her talk about how the country was founded on principles of religious freedom but - due in large part to immigration - a dominant religion emerged.  It's weird when you start thinking about the history behind it all (this is coming from a person who did not do particularly well in her history classes).

ANYWAY I really wanted to post this adorable video that Bruce took yesterday with our new Flip Camera. (I am doing a directed study and will need to do interviews later in the semester.  My advisor suggested looking into Flip Cameras to record the interviews and I am so glad she did!!  It is such a cool and easy to use video camera and it connects directly to your computer - I would definitely recommend it for anyone out there - especially those with small children.) Even though I was taking the morning off from church, Bruce needed to go because it was our week to volunteer with Little Lambs (ie children's church).  When he got home he said he had something to show me and it was a video of all of the "lambs" shouting, "FEEL BETTER MISS SARAH!!!!!"  My.Heart.Melted.  But I decided against posting a video of someone else's children on my blog (can you blame me?) and thought I would just tell you all how cute it was.  Really.  Adorable.

And - because I hate posting a completely pointless post without a picture, I thought I would show you one from the weekend.  One of the best parts about living in the south and having access to a farmer's market is the fresh produce year round.  For example ...

Fresh strawberries dipped in sugar in the middle of January.  Delicious.

Have a great week!!

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  1. So do you love the Flip Camera?! I've heard some great reviews on those, so far.

    And I totally agree that we are blessed to be able to get fresh, delicious produce year round here in the South. Those berries look SO delish!


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