Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just Call Me Roger Ebert ... I'm Doing a Review!!

As the wedding approached last summer, one of Bruce and my favorite things to do was go out to our mailbox and see if any wedding gifts had arrived.  People were so generous and we got so many wonderful gifts, including a slew of new kitchen gadgets.  We love cooking together and experimenting with new products and materials.

That being said ...

You can probably imagine my surprise, excitement and overall giddiness when I was contacted by CSN Stores to see if I would be interested in reviewing one of their products!!  CSN is an e-commerce company based out of Boston that has over 200 online stores (!!) - so, yeah, basically ... you can find anything.

I, of course, headed right over to to ooh and ahh over things that I could potentially review.  Along the way I found a store that sells mirrors in every size, shape and color, one that sells different gym and fitness equiptment, an entire site dedicated to shoes and (this may very well be my favorite) All Modern Pet (Lilly has no idea what may be in store for her).

Seriously - there is a store for everything.

I browsed around for awhile before settling on the Reston Lloyd PrepCo Bake Porter Loaf Pan with Serving Cover to review.

I ultimately decided on this because I love homemade bread (whether it be whole wheat that I can make a sandwich with or something sweet I can grab for breakfast) and I love that it has a top so I can preserve what I make without constantly using plastic wrap or tin foil.  PLUS - it just screams "pot-luck" and oh my how I love a good pot-luck.

So stay tuned for my review.  And definitely check out CSN in the meantime.  Seriously - with over 200 stores, you are bound to find what you are looking for.


  1. Well, Roger Ebert - how cool for you! That is awesome! Enjoy and I'll be waiting for that review and a nice fresh loaf of bread.

  2. Hey Sarah! Sorry I've been MIA in the comments dept. It's been a crazy week. I just wanted to let you know that I've been keeping up with your blog and I'm so proud of how you're trying to do better with cooking. I'm loving the recipes you're posting (so helpful) and I'm tempted to try out the lasagna one very soon.

    I also got to reading your post about the Flip and checked them out online the other day after you posted about that. I left the idea alone for a bit and then tonight while at Costco, I found a Flip for a really good price and got it! I'm so excited about it and maybe now I can start posting more videos on my blog. I'm super excited to also have it for when the baby comes! Thanks for suggesting the Flip! Maybe you can also give me some more info on how much you like Vimeo and what goes into all of that. I see a lot of people posting clips using YouTube but I just don't feel comfortable doing that.

    Well, better wrap this one up for now. I'm so excited about your review opportunity! I've been loving those too and I've got one coming up next week that I'm so excited about! Talk to you later!


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