Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Queen of Procrastination

Let me tell you, I am wearing the crown tonight.  I have a paper due tomorrow and I started writing it around the same time they announced President Obama at the State of the Union tonight.

(If you're curious, streaming the speech live on and keeping the window open next to your paper does not create a good paper-writing environment.)

Curious why I waiting until 9 pm EST to start my paper?  I had much more important things to do.

Like hanging pictures. (It all started when I decided to move some photos around on another wall, then I realized I had never framed these pictures and I wanted to, so I went to Target and found these cute frames for $2 and hung them above my desk.)

I love how I nonchalantly say "Like hanging pictures" like this is an everyday occurrence.  In the spirit of honesty, I must say that Bruce usually does this and I am shocked everything looks straight - I really think I am turning over a new leaf in home decor.

And making labels for my magazine holders (I got these super cheap at IKEA last year, painted them with leftover paint from this project last week and decided tonight they still needed something).  Personally, I really like the deep yellow / black combination.

(See?!  More DIY home projects.  I'm on a roll!!)

What are YOU procrastinating doing tonight?


  1. I am also a procrastinator. I always felt that I did better under pressure, so I'd wait til the last minute for everything. Well, I still wait for the last minute for everything, haha! Cute picture frame and an excellent job on becoming such a good DIYer :)

  2. Omg - this is totally something i would do - frame pics when i should be studying! LOL.


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