Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not Yet, Anyway.

So - it's not really feeling like, fall, Thanksgiving or the holiday season for me right now.

I blame part of it on these pesky southern winters.  And I use the term "winter" loosely (only if you count a predicted 60-degree Thanksgiving Day as "winter," that is).  Bruce just got back from the grocery store and said it was finally starting to feel brisk outside - and even with the brisk air, it is still warm in our apartment at night and we have slept the past two nights with the slider door in our bedroom open!!

I blame part of it on the three papers, one worship service and one presentation that stand between me and the end of the semester.  Hard to get into the holiday spirit when you are burdened by finals.  At least I do not have to take any sit down exams!!

I blame part of it on the fact that I stayed inside today and watched the increasingly slow-moving traffic and treacherous airport travel conditions on the news, rather than experiencing them first hand.  No traveling for the Weavers this year.  I learned the hard way during my first year in seminary that it is next to impossible for me to travel north so close to finals.

I blame part of it on the fact that I really have no intention of getting decorated for the holidays until after I turn in my last paper (Dec. 11th) and can clean up, clean out and completely go all out.  And in the middle of finals I am driving to North Carolina for my psychological evaluation - so there really is no time before then.  Which is such a shame - because I love to go all out (and it definitely helps me study and write when I do so by Christmas lights).

So - I am not quite in the spirit.  Not yet, anyway.

I am sure that when I catch my first glimpse of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on TV in the morning, turn on Christmas music for the first time, try to keep track of the seven different football games Bruce will inevitably be flipping through and sit down to dinner with some of our friends from school, things will be different. (Maybe a cold front will come through and we will get some snow tomorrow?)

But until then, Bruce and Lilly and I are hanging out and having a Friends marathon - we have all ten seasons on DVD so we are going through them and watching all of the Thanksgiving episodes!!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!  Safe travels to those of you on the road / in the air!!


p.s. If anyone needs an absolutely heartwarming story, check this post out.  Sarah and I have been reading this blog over the past couple of months - this husband and wife have been blogging about their infertility and they got really good news this morning!!

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