Sunday, November 22, 2009

Go Dawgs!!

Bruce and I experienced our first SEC football game yesterday!!  Some friends of ours have UGA season tickets and invited us to this weekend's night game versus Kentucky.

SEC football is SO different from any other college football that I have ever experienced.  Girls dress up with the team colors and guys go beyond just wearing t-shirts and hats with team paraphernalia on them. (I am not lying when I say that I saw men wearing red corduroy pants with black bulldogs all over them.) The final score was less than stellar (that's what happens when the quarterback keeps throwing the ball to the other team) but all in all it was tons of fun!!

It has been rainy and gloomy gray here all day.  We came home from church and have pretty much been laying around, watching football and napping.  I am SO happy that some of my classes have been cancelled this week and I don't have to spend the entire week of Thanksgiving in class!!

What about everybody else?  Working this week?  Taking the week off for Thanksgiving?  Working a short week?  In school?  I can't believe how quickly Thanksgiving is coming - I have a "no Christmas music until Thanksgiving" rule so come Thursday I am breaking out my favorite - Amy Grant!!


  1. Hooray for cancelled classes! And LOVE this photo of you two! Adorable! :) I'm working this week, but only Monday and Tuesday.. maybe part of Wed.. TBD.. haha! ;)

  2. You look so pretty in that pic! This week I'm taking Thursday and Friday off, but I'm definitely putting in some long hours Monday through Wednesday. That's ok though, I'm just so grateful to have a job in this economy!

    Have a fantabulous Monday!

  3. The two of you are too cute! Yay for canceled classes! I wish I would have a cancelled work day this week, but sickness, and accidents seem to not care about any holidays, so I'll be at work for thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy your time off! Missed reading your blog girly :-)


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