Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I trust everyone is slowly coming out of their Turkey-induced comas?

I am spending Black Friday in sweatpants and with a pile of homework and lots of Christmas music!! (Is it just me or does Christmas music make most obnoxious tasks better?) The past two nights I have had dreams (/nightmares) that I didn't make my deadlines, forgot about a paper or turned something in late - I woke up both times with school-induced heart palpitations so I am good and ready to make sure that those dreams do not become a reality.

Happy Black Friday!!  For those of you out shopping - did you get any good deals?

Bruce and me before we left for dinner yesterday.  Yes, Bruce does wait until I get dressed to pick his clothes so he somewhat matches.  Kind of silly, yes, but otherwise we would clash!!


  1. Not late enough in the morning here in California to come out of a coma yet, so I will wish you a Happy Thanksgiving even if you are off on Black Friday adventures already!

  2. OMG, I had the exact SAME outfit yesterday. I changed right before we left though. Hahahaha.

  3. Elizabeth - by the time you posted your comment I think I had fallen back into my coma :) I hope you had a wonderful Black Friday!!

    SEW2 - I had a feeling when I got dressed that you would be wearing the same thing (enter in our conversation about what shoes to wear with that). But I decided it was too cute to not wear and would provide a great story (blog post?) later on - I hope you took pictures!!

  4. So Neal and I do the exact opposite of you and Bruce... we get dressed, look at eachother, realize that we match, get creeped out and both change. Doesn't happen too often though since he sticks with green and I like my pink... lol You guys look wonderful though :)

  5. Just found your blog... really enjoying it. My husband waits to pick out his clothes until after I am done getting dressed. He won't admit it though and the fact that we're dressed alike is always "an accident" :-)


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