Thursday, October 22, 2009

Show Us Your City - Atlanta, GA

Hi Y'all!!

I was reading Leslie's blog tonight and she was participating in a fun blog hop, "Show Us Your City" hosted by Jax at The Roaring Twenties.  I thought that it would be fun to link up and show you a southern city through the eyes of a northerner!!

So ...

Welcome to Atlanta!!

My husband and I moved to Atlanta in the summer of 2007 so that I could start a masters program at Emory University.

My program is three years and this is my last year!!  It is hard to believe that I have made it this far.

This is the very beautiful Cannon Chapel on Emory's campus.  I am a theology student so I tend to spend a lot of time here!!

This is one of Bruce and my favorite places to shop - the Dekalb Farmer's Market.  It is a huge international farmer's market with an amazing selection of fresh produce, meat, coffee, spices and more!! Everything stays fresh for longer and it is so inexpensive to shop there.  They also have a huge recycling center adjacent to the market that takes virtually anything that can be recycled.

When people come to visit that have never been to Atlanta before, we usually take them to the Georgia Aquarium.

The sharks are HUGE!!

This is the Carter Center, which holds the library of President Carter.  He really has accomplished so much since he left office and has connected with a lot of awesome organizations.  I am so inspired every time I hear him speak!!

One of Bruce's favorite places ... Atlanta Cycling :) Somehow he always finds something one of his bikes (yes, he has two) NEEDS every time he stops in!!

Atlantic Station, a large brownfield growth and redevelopment project in the northwestern edge of Midtown.  This is a relatively recent project (I believe they started the design in the 1990s), but I think the city has had a really positive response to it.  They have great shopping, food, entertainment and even better atmosphere!! (Oh - and you can walk to IKEA from it!!)

Well those are some of our favorites.  Life isn't always easy when you take two small town northerners and stick them in a large southern city, but we are having a fabulous time trying to figure it all out!!

(One of my favorite engagement pics - we were at one of the Chattahoochee National Park Sites and Bruce was being such a good sport considering he would have much rather been fly fishing that afternoon than running around with me taking pictures)

pictures found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here


  1. I think I've drove through atlanta, but have never actually "been" there. When I visit, that farmers market may be the first place I visit :-) I LOVE finding international foods!!! Your city looks beautiful!

  2. I LOVE big cities, but I never knew ATL had some of the little quirks like markets and a gorgeous campus chapel.. and even an aquarium! (I'm a sucker for aquariums). Great post! Thanks so much for participating and linking! I saw some peeps had participated but forgot to link! I Kinda wanted to link them for them, but then thought that would be weird. haha.. :) Great blog, chica!

  3. Dear Dr. Suess,

    This post reads like an adorable children's book! ;)

    Hope y'all are doing well. We should catch up soon.

    ~ Chris

  4. Wow! what a wonderful post.
    I loved a tour of your beautiful city through your lens and words.

    The last picture is my favorite. Great shot!

    I love reading about different places, their cultures and people.
    Am glad I came across your colourful blog.

    Keep up the good work Sarah.


  5. Great post! I really love Atlanta...I mean there is so much to do there...great shopping, great restaurants and the people are always so friendly!

    Thanks so much for linking to me in the post!


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