Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Who Am I?

School has been in session for less than two weeks and already I'm knee deep in papers (literally - I can't walk around my desk without tripping over the stacks of books that I'm using).  One I turned in last Thursday, two today, one tomorrow and one Friday.

I got to my 8 a.m. class a little bit early this morning and was looking over the paper to be turned in that class when I realized I had written Sarah Keck at the top, rather than Sarah Weaver.  My first instinct was to think it was kind of funny - I've said before that it's strange to get used to a new name and apparently my academically inclined fingers just instinctively typed "Keck" into the header of the paper.

But my eyebrows wrinkled when the thought suddenly crossed my mind that I had made the same mistake on the paper I turned in last Thursday.  I quickly opened the document on my computer and confirmed my suspicion.

So at this point I realized that my professor - who I met last week and only knows me as Sarah Weaver - has a paper turned in from Sarah Keck - who doesn't exist on her roster - and has a student on her roster - Sarah Weaver - who has seemingly neglected the assignment.

I quickly fired off an e-mail to her, explaining the situation and hopefully sounding apologetic.  She e-mailed me right back thanking me for the clarification.

Problem solved?  I suppose.  But let's be real - who does that?  Who doesn't even check to make sure they've written the correct name on a paper for a masters level course?  It's like saying to the professor, "Clearly I didn't proofread - but I hope you enjoy the paper."

Is it time to graduate yet?!


  1. Hmm...24 years Keck vs. 3 months Weaver...Keck is going to win out sometimes! Don't worry about it, it is a understandable mistake. And you are not used to proofreading your name! Don't be so hard on yourself! Keep smiling! :-)

  2. Haha....that's funny. Good thing you got to class early or you would be Sarah Keck for a whole lot longer :o)

  3. That's too funny, Satah! I agree with Bethany though. Try not to be so hard on yourself. I still find myself by my maiden name and I got married seven years ago! :)


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