Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Time's a movin' but I'm getting stronger ...

While I was at work today, I looked up at my dry-erase calendar and realized that it really needed to be updated.  It's a four-month calendar and since August was currently the last month listed, I couldn't really look ahead.

So I was starting to update things when I noticed and was shocked when I looked at it ... 

You can't really tell, but the last month on the calendar is currently November.

November?!  November?!  How is November already on my calendar?  I realize that it's a four month calendar, but oh myyyy.  Time FLIES.

Also ... 

... I moved every single one of those boxes.  By myself.  In a skirt.  38 pounds each.

(Picture me flexing my muscles)

1 comment:

  1. Who says girls are helpless! I moved probably that many boxes of textbooks after the rest of my team kept putting it off.... so I did it myself. So there:-)


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