Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cat Grass

I can't keep flowers or plants in our apartment.  Lilly mistakes them as something grown for her own edible pleasure.  Too bad it not only ruins the flowers or plants but it also makes her sick.

Last year Bruce discovered Cat Grass - it's a grass that is actually good for cats.  It has natural nutrients, helps with digestion and eating it is supposed to satisfy the cat's cravings for grass so they stay away from other plants and flowers.

We picked some up the other day and have been growing it for the last week.  We brought Lilly out on the porch this afternoon to see what she thought ... 

She loved it!!

Yumm - this is WAY better than that dry crunchy stuff you always give me.

She then proceeded to abandon the grass and headed straight for the ferns Bruce has been growing.

Sigh ... 


  1. Maybe set it somewhere where she would think she was eating something she wasn't suppose to. Cats are like kids - you have to trick them - which I'm sure you already know :o) My favorite cat quote:

    Dogs have owners, cats have staff!

  2. Made my way over from Kelly's Korner, gumbo is the best--you must try it sometime!

  3. Sarah...I just had to come visit you to tell you that I still haven't successfully mailed out your package. I didn't make it out of the house during the day yesterday, so I went last night to use the kiosk there and wouldn't you know it...the darn thing was broken. I went back tonight and the same thing happened! :) I will def need to get down to the Post office tomorrow morning with your package! So sorry for the delay!

    P.S. Yay for Lily and her new grass. I've never had a cat before, we've always been dog people. :)

  4. This is great! I have seen cat grass around, but have been skeptical...let me know if there are any "unpleasant side effects"...although there are no plants upstairs so Kaia is not tempted, she eats everything else (her food, Jeremy's food, bugs, string, etc.)! She's huge!


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