Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Dance, Sales and Summer in Atlanta

So, in response to yesterday's post about The Hunger Site, my mom forwarded me an e-mail promo they have right now:  Buy $20 worth of merchandise and get a FREE pair of Cultivate Peace Hologram Flip Flops!!  SO tempting.  I haven't done it yet, but the day isn't over ... 

Take a look at our five day forecast in Atlanta ... 

... that's right - we're seeing nothing below 90 with LOTS of humidity!!  After spending the winter finding creative ways to bundle up on the scooter because it was so cold when I got up to speed, I now find myself baking in the sun at red lights.  We've tried to keep our thermostat set around 75 and even then the AC runs nonstop to keep it even that cool.  I need to remind myself that - even in the United States - air conditioning is still a luxury.  Not a year goes by where there isn't a heat-related death that could have been prevented with access to air conditioning or better hydration.  For all of us down south - let's remember to count our air conditioning as a BLESSING (even when we get the bill from Georgia Power)!!

SO - Back to the wedding!!

I never really liked the idea of the traditional "bride and groom dance to a super slow song, rocking back and forth while everyone stares at them" first dance.  I just didn't think I could tune everyone out watching and have a really intimate moment and enjoy the dance.  There are tons of videos on youtube of couples who have choreographed their first dance, but - let's face it - Bruce & I aren't exactly Fred & Ginger.

Back in January, Bruce and I were watching coverage of the Inaugural Balls where President & Mrs. Obama danced to At Last, sung live by Beyonce.  Bruce looked at me and said:  "Hey, if it's good enough for the president, I think it's good enough for us!!"

We knew from the beginning that we wanted to use the original Etta James version.  Classic, yet not necessarily overdone.  Slow and first dance worthy, yet not slow and sappy.  Plus - crowd favorite.

Here we are dancing - and having a conversation about why Bruce should or should not spin me.  Yes - I know the first dance is supposed to be about love.  But I wanted Bruce to spin me and he didn't think he could - so this conversation took up part of the dance.  But we were having fun - that's what it's all about, right?

In the end, Bruce did spin me.  I loved it!!  (I think he was holding back - he totally knew what he was doing!!)

In the end - you and your new spouse should do what's comfortable for you.  This worked for us and was pretty much perfect!!  You'll never get the first dance back, so choose something that will let you savor every minute and walk away brimming with happiness.

Grace & Peace,
Sarah :)

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