Friday, May 29, 2009

Oy With the Poodles, Already

First an update on some of the prayer requests I've posted:

-Scotty is recovering well from surgery. I saw his parents at a get-together last weekend and they said the worst part is trying to keep him still!! Everyone seems in good spirits.

-I talked to Miguel briefly about how the Mission held up in the earthquake yesterday morning. He said that they felt the quake but everyone is well and there wasn't a whole lot of damage.

Two praises!!

Second - Kelly's Korner blog is hosting "Show Us Where You Live Friday" again - this week it's nurserys and children's rooms. Some of the posts are so adorable I can almost hear my maternal clock ticking.



Okay, maybe not. Moving on.

Wedding plans just about hit the fan last night. Literally. Picture the result of me opening my wedding binder and tossing it towards my ceiling fan on high and you'll start to have an idea about what happened.

- We found out that Jason wasn't granted an extension and won't be able to come to the wedding.

- After searching and searching through flight possibilities and train schedules, I finally came to the conclusion that my friend Jon can't sing at the wedding. He needs to be back at his church job on Sunday, June 14th and I couldn't find a flight / way to get him to the airport to get on said flight that would ensure he would be back to work on time. Seriously - my parents live out in the middle of nowhere. It makes bringing in large groups of people difficult.

- The ceremony itself still isn't finished. I think we care too much about it and don't want to just settle. But that's making it difficult for me to send Max an e-mail with an attachment and subject line, "What do you think?"

- I don't have enough music for the playlists for the reception.

- Even if I did have enough said music, there still is no DJ/MC to announce the bridal party, dinner, dances, cake cutting, etc. I have all equiptment, the music is dummy-proof (all you have to do is hit play), I just need a person!!

- I was starting to get weepy about leaving Lilly for two weeks. Sure - people can come in and feed her. But what about giving her the proper amount of love and affection and play time? She'll be lonely!!

So what are a bride and groom to do when their wedding hits the fan and they're both stressed to the max?

Fight of course. (I know, productive, right?)

Oy, with the poodles, already. (Name that quote ... need help? Gilmore Girls)

That pretty much sums up how I felt when I woke up this morning.

Slowly, but surely, I'm starting to put all of the pieces back together.

- Bruce has been calling his groomsmen to see if they would be interested in doing a little MCing and so far they all seem enthusiastic and willing to help in whatever way they can.

- The weekend is coming up and I can work on the playlists thing. If I still don't have enough, I can wait until I get to CT. My dad has a CD collection that could fill a medium-sized music store. So I'm going to try not to harp on that one. Because then I'll just put random music into the different lists and it won't be what I wanted.

- Sarah Weddle (with the help of her mother) has been working with me on the ceremony music thing - and she will be awesome ...

- ... and once the ceremony music thing is worked out, I can resume my scripture-picking and language changing (you would not believe how many times the UCC Book of Worship says man and woman and husband and wife - hellooooooo UCC, we're supposed to be ONA and inclusive).

- My friends Kristi and Angie have agreed to take Lilly the ENTIRE TIME WE'RE GONE!! That is a HUUUUUGE praise because Lilly will have people around to play with and to meow at and it won't just be her in an apartment alone for two weeks. (Picture me doing a little dance)

- Bruce and I are going to Jason's graduation. It's going to be a surprise, his mom didn't want to tell him in case it didn't happen, but I think it'll be a nice surprise anyway. I don't worry about posting on here about it, because he's at basic and can only write letters. I think he's been allowed one (maybe two) very short phone call to his parents. Doubtful he'll be checking blogs!! I spent lots of time on google maps today and figured out our route (now that we're going to Cape May, NJ), found a hotel for us to stay in the night before the graduation and printed out all of the directions and information off of the website for Jason's training center. Now I just need to pray that Bruce's manager shows grace and gives him the extra day and a half off so we can leave early. This is too important. And Kristi had no problem taking Lilly a day early.

Oy with the poodles, already.

It's been a crazy couple of days, but the wedding is two weeks from tomorrow. After that Bruce and I will be married and all of these crazy plans, heightened anxiety and pointless fights won't make one bit of difference.

Deep breath.

Oy with the poodles, already.

With love & grace,

(and if you wanted to see the clip)

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