Thursday, May 28, 2009

Earthquake in Honduras

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit northern Honduras early this morning.

So far only two deaths are being reported - but natural disasters to a developing country are difficult to bounce back from. Most communities haven't recovered from Hurricane Mitch that hit in the 90s.

Most of you know my church in Connecticut support the Children's Rescue Mission, a Christian Connecticut-based Educational Mission [501(c)3] that supports the Honduran community Teupasenti. My mom talked to Miguel Giron, the Executive Director of CRM, this morning who said that they felt the earthquake in Teupasenti, but the mission buildings themselves are okay. Right now his communication to the mission is difficult because the phones and internet seem to have been cut off (which makes sense - it's all satelite). He doesn't know the damage to the village itself - I have a feeling (having walked through the streets and seen the materials used to put build homes) that the homes in the village didn't hold up as well as the mission buildings.

Please pray for the people of Teupasenti, for Miguel and his staff and for all those recovering today.

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