Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Courtney and Jacquie had some Leadership Now - related business in Atlanta this weekend so Kari decided to drive down from North Carolina and Kari's friend Dan (and now our friend!!) flew with Court & Jacq from Lancaster.  We went to the Aquarium on Saturday - we wandered through the exhibits and eventually just sat down in front of the big shark tank and watched the sharks and fish swim and talked about life for almost an hour.  It was really therapeutic to just sit and watch what was going on in the tank.  Here are some pictures from the day!!

The shark tank ... 

... one more of the shark tank ... 

Bruce and me in front of his favorite tank ... 

Bruce's favorite tank ... the waves are timed with the music playing ... 

Wouldn't this be a great wall to have in your house?

All my love,

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