Friday, September 26, 2008

Bad Cop

No one likes to be the bad cop. And yes, here I am, feeling like I have to be the bad cop.

Bruce and I went looking at scooters last weekend. We're really thinking that it would be a smart investment because we're going to hit a point in the winter where it's simply too cold for Bruce to be on his bike as a commuting option. He would need to get to work and shower and there's no way he can do that. We need to make the investment. But I'm scared to right now. We're transitioning again and I want to wait until our finances settle in. So I had to be the bad cop today and say no.

No. I hate that word. I had to use it on Thursday and back out of a dinner engagement that I was signed up for. I had to say No.

Bruce is trying to work with me on saying No. I need to say it more, not stretch myself so thin.

Does God ever say No?

I don't know the answer ...

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