Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Night Musings

My Saturday was spent knitting, reading, watching mindless television and finishing up my sermon.

Some weeks I crank through it just by reading the scripture and other weeks I need more ... help.  This was one of those weeks, ha!  I just needed to get some OT history lined up correctly.

I've started a tradition lately with the church where I light a candle in every meeting.  It is supposed to act as a reminder that even when we are working on the "business" side of the church - God is still present and we still need to act faithfully.  The thought crossed my mind today that I should be lighting a candle while working on my sermons!  I pulled out a red one because red symbolizes the Holy Spirit.

And who couldn't use a little bit of Holy Spirit when finishing a sermon?

It's way past my bedtime and Bruce is COOKING!  He's on a crock pot kick and already working on tomorrow's lunch.  Yummmm.


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