Sunday, September 4, 2011

Welcome To My (New) Table!

A few months ago the church was gifted several large pieces of furniture - some of it was sold in our yard sale, some of it is being used in the church and there were a few pieces that still needed homes.

In the end, those pieces ended up at the parsonage!  We knew we needed to replace our DIY-Spray-Painted-Weathered-IKEA Table and Goodwill Chairs but weren't quite sure what we wanted.  These pieces actually match the kitchen cabinets and will be great for this house long-term so we were happy to bring them in now!

I love that the chairs are padded!  There are actually eight chairs in total - the four we have out have arms, the other four do not.  And there is an additional leaf that will lengthen the table if we need it bigger.

This is Bruce's favorite part of the set - a beautiful, huuuuge hutch!  We finally unpacked all of our glassware and we love how it looks! 

I love the mirror in the back - it actually opens up the kitchen and makes everything look bigger!


I love that this runner (that was embroidered by Bruce's great-aunt and a wedding gift) doesn't cover up all the wood, but does dress the table up a little bit.

I am geekily excited about mealtime now.  Anyone want to come over for dinner?


  1. Your kitchen is looking really cozy. I love the runner, I have a few of them: some were embroidered by my grandma, some were embroidered by my husband's grandma. I just love them.

  2. nice! how long do you think it'd take me to get there? lol

  3. I've decided that table runners are my new favorite thing! I like having SOMETHING on the table - but not having it covered up (does that make sense?).


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