Saturday, August 27, 2011

What I've Been Up To Today ...

1. Obsessing over the weather reports.

Especially photos like this.

And this.

2. Thinking about the email I sent to my church members yesterday.

And trying to take my own advice.  Deeeeeep breaths, Sarah, deeeeeeep breaths.  

(I'll feel better when Bruce is HOME!)

3. Eating the lamest dinner ever.

Oh, but that sweet tea ...

Raise your hand if you miss living in the south!

(Waves hand frantically.)

4. Doing dishes.

If we lose power (and subsequently lose water) I will go crazy if there are dishes in the sink.

5. Folding laundry.

Why do I feel like laundry is always a losing battle?  And there are only two of us!

6. Listening to the Boston Pops.  It's calming me down (see #2).

7. Getting my guest room back in order - it sort of became a dumping ground post-vacation.

Is it sad that the guest room is the only room in the house that is 'done' at the moment?

8. Obsessively checking Twitter for updates from my favorite news sources.

How crazy is it that Ann Curry is sleeping in her office tonight?

9. Texting my husband every 30 minutes and impatiently waiting for him to get home.

10. Thinking about email blasting my church members with a devotional in the morning - I know how bummed they all are that they are going to be missing my sermon ...

What have you been up to all day?  Prepping for Irene?  Obsessing over news reports?

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  1. Just praying for ya'll! You know I know about those hurricanes. It is crazy! Glad to hear it wasn't as bad as predicted. I guess you get a nice little day off?


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