Friday, August 19, 2011

There's Going To Be A Wedding ...

Check out the view from my hotel room!

We are in Hampton, Virginia (Virgina Beach!) for the wedding of two of our most favorite people in the world!

While Bruce was out bachelor-partying last night, I took advantage of the I'm-on-vacation-and-can-splurge-on-room-service and ordered in!

Post-dinner I met up with some of the girls for drinks and chatting.

We sat right on that water and talked until almost midnight.  The boys arrived shortly thereafter and Gib, Justine, Bruce and I hung out until we all realized that we should probably call it a night and go our separate ways.

I snapped this picture on my iPhone last night - at the time we were 38 hours away!

We're off to run some errands!


  1. Awwww you look so pretty!!!! I miss you! Have fun!!! And I have NEVER ordered room service! LOL

  2. lovely pictures!! also, i just adore cute little bottles of ketchup & mustard that room service brings. : )


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