Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Something About Those Country Roads

Hello from Myerstown! 

Bruce and I are in town for two days before heading south of the Mason Dixon line for a wedding this weekend and we are so grateful for some time to spend with his family.  Tonight I am feeling blessed to have church members who make me take some time off and friends who are willing to watch over my house and cat while I'm gone.  I'm ready to relax!

The skies were a little gnarly when we left - I let Bruce drive!

It ended up clearing and being a beautiful drive, though.  We hit a little bit of traffic, but Bruce was steady behind the wheel and we had a pretty smooth trip.

We met my mother in law and sister in law for dinner on our way into town.  A late anniversary dinner treat from my mother in law!

I had an absolutely loaded burger with lettuce, tomato, onion and cheddar cheese and a side of beer battered fries.  It was unreal - but I was sooooo stuffed afterwards.

Bruce wanted to order wings, but couldn't decide what kind of sauce he wanted.  So his mom told him to order both, HA!  We brought most of them home.

After dinner, my sister in law and I went shopping so I could find a dress to wear to a wedding this weekend.  We had so much fun, but we both so stuffed from dinner that we felt like we were rolling around the stores, ha!  I did find a dress, though, so I'm all set for this weekend!

We're hanging out around the fire pit - it's only about 70 degrees and such a crisp night!  Perfection.

Goodnight all!

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