Monday, August 29, 2011

Slowed Down

Bruce and I have been out and about all day - it's honestly kept us sane (sitting in the house or my office without power is a great way to get frustrated with the situation and at one another!).

So let's see ... A local UCC pastor and friend of ours had power at her church and graciously offered the space to charge and check email on something other than my phone - it was greatly appreciated! We were also able to talk 'church' for awhile and the wheels in my brain are now spinning fast with ideas. Thank you Virginia!

When we got home Bruce and I took a walk down the street to see some of the damage and saw that some of our church members / neighbors were out in their yard so we stopped in for a visit.

After that I had a meeting with a church member so I headed down to the church and Bruce came along for the ride and did some fishing while I met. I rode with Bruce to another fishing hole after that and then we finished the night at Panera and Target.

Honestly - things aren't looking good for power in Rehoboth right now. But we are starting to get into a routine and have some friends lined up that have power and have offered showers and electrical outlets for charging. All in all, I'm still saying that this could have been a lot worse.

The neat thing about this whole situation is the fact that the sense of urgency that normally accompanies life is gone and I've been able to have some wonderful conversations. I have been forced to slow down and I do not think it is such a bad thing.

Bruce and I are settling in for a night of reading and tying flies by candlelight (I'm guessing you know who's doing what) and it is honestly so peaceful right now.

I pray I find ways to recreate that peace once the power comes back and life fires up again.

Wishing you all peace for your journey ...


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