Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On Ministry And Pies

A few weeks ago a friend of mine came into my office and asked if she could run a mission project with Vacation Bible School.  She wanted to have the kids collect school supplies for a local organization that distributes to families in need in town.  She wanted to bring in a competitive aspect, though.  She was going to split the kids into two teams - I would be the team leader of one and Bruce would be the team leader of the other one.  The team leader of whichever team won would get to put a pie in the face of the team leader of whichever team lost.

I agreed to it.

First of all, I figured that there really aren't any losers.  We're collecting school supplies for a great cause, right?

Second of all, I figured there was absolutely no way that I could lose.  Who would let a pie go in their pastor's face?!

We took a "progress" count this morning.

Bruce is winning.

This could end badly.

Say a prayer.

After VBS this morning, Bruce and I took our Music Director out for lunch to thank him for helping us figure out our sound system and configure something for an upcoming memorial service.  We went to The Old Grist Mill Tavern, the same restaurant that the search committee took me to back in February when I was interviewing!  I ordered the Black Magic Chicken Sandwich with Cheddar Cheese.

And sweet potato fries.  I'm so bummed we didn't think to plant sweet potatoes this year ...

Alright, I've gotta get back to work. 

Or go to the store to buy school supplies to fill my losing box.

No one will notice if an entire stack of supplies mysteriously appear overnight.

I'll call it divine intervention.

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