Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ms. Irene

We are currently without power but - all things considered - are feeling lucky.

We're downgraded to a tropical storm at this point but I think it may be awhile before the power comes back on. Once the winds die down I do want to head over to church to check for any flooding. Our road is a mess and it seems to be getting worse so that may be awhile!

We lost power before I could post my devotional so I'll try to transfer it to my phone and post sometime today!

Bruce and I were just walking the yard (carefully!) and agreed that in a weird way it smells like fall right now! For some reason that is some comfort.

The sun keeps trying to poke its way out - sort of like our own olive branch!

Stay safe everyone! xoxo

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  1. glad to hear that it looks like you have made it through the worst of it. Still praying for you, Bruce, and your congregants as you assess the damages and as you all dry out... Dan

  2. P.S. Just read your disclaimer and LOVE it!!! Take care...


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