Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Garden TLC

Bruce and I spent some much needed time in the garden this afternoon.  It was much needed on two fronts - I was needing a change of scenery from my office AND the garden was overrun with weeds.  Win-win!

Check out our sunflowers!  To give you some perspective, Bruce is about 5'10" ...

Like I said yesterday, our lettuce is starting to flower - boo!  But it gave us a great first crop.  Our peas are also shot - we pulled them and are going to try for a fall crop.  We actually did pretty well and were able to freeze a lot from the first crop, but Bruce and I think we made some rookie mistakes with them and can't wait to give it another go!

 That wasn't even a quarter of the weeds pulled today.  Oh myyy.

Much better!  I didn't realize that gardening was such a continual process of pulling things that have harvested and putting new crops in - how fun!

We realized while we were weeding that the peas were shot, so we pulled them and we'll get some new seeds asap.

I put in a new crop of romaine lettuce and a crop of spinach (we didn't have spinach in our last crop!).

I also pulled the last of the onions so we could use that area for a row of lettuce.  We got a GREAT crop of onions!  I haven't bought them in two months!  Does anyone know if I can freeze onions? 

Also doing well:


We had two types of greens in before and this stuff is still doing okay.  It needs to be eaten quickly, though!

Turn red, please!

I think we spent about three hours in the garden.  We were so hungry when we came in for dinner!

I pulled some lettuce and grabbed an onion while Bruce grilled a skirt steak.  Skirt steaks are very inexpensive and make for a great salad topper.

I also made more croutons - and finally took some pictures of the process!  A recipe should be up tomorrow ... 

A friend of mine (hi Chris!) was telling me that now is the time to be putting in our fall crop vegetables - broccoli, cauliflower, etc.  I didn't know there was such a thing as fall crop vegetables - guess I'm doing some research tonight!

Anybody else putting in a fall crop of vegetables?


  1. Looks like your garden enjoyed the day as much as you guys did! We picked our first cucumbers to make pickles today -- and used some zucchini too. Yum.

    I don't know that we'll get anything else planted this year; possibly peas and maybe we'll try again with basil (ours did not grow the first time around) but I think the first frost will come sooner than we think!

  2. You can totally freeze onions. Just chop it up first and then use it when you make soup!!


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