Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Let Your Hair Down

I was feeling a little tired and sluggish when I went home for dinner this evening, so I decided to pull my hair down and fight back against the humidity!

Surprisingly enough, I feel better!  It's amazing how much better I feel when I feel like I'm well-put together.

Tonight's dinner went from garden to table in about 10 minutes!

Busted - the rice came from the pantry.  And the tomatoes from the store.  Ours are big, but still green!  Hopefully next week I will be eating only out of the garden.

A nice fresh salad tastes so delicious on a hot and muggy day, agreed?


I'm at the church getting ready for a meeting - no Pride and Prejudice tonight, ha!

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  1. you look so great! And that salad looks DELISH! Unfortunately, the heat here has completely demolished our once flourishing garden, despite our best attempts at keeping it well watered. I think Drew's all but thrown in the towel with it this summer. Between work and school, he just can't fight the battle of the heat, and Lord knows I am too busy with the two babies to worry about watering and feeding one more thing :)


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