Friday, July 1, 2011

Garden Burger

Hello and how was everyone's Friday?!

I started my day by attempting to fold the mound of laundry that was starting to bury me and ended up going through my entire closet, getting rid of a bunch of clothes, rearranging my bedroom, dragging a huge over-sized chair upstairs and putting it in my bedroom, moving my earring storage and mirror to another wall, went through a pile of old mail, started watching reruns of The Bachelorette and never actually finished folding my laundry.

Oh well.

I'm also missing my UCC peeps at General Synod right now!  GS is the biennial meeting of the United Church of Christ.  I initially really wanted to go this year because I thought I would still be looking for a job, but when I was hired at Rehoboth I decided I needed to stick around here.  And I have a baptism this weekend!  So there's lot going on and lots to give thanks for.

I was in the mood for grilling tonight, but I was also in the mood for some vegetables from the garden - so I decided to just pile the veggies on the burger!  The greens and onion are from the garden, the tomato is from the store.  I'm getting impatient for the tomatoes and cucumbers!

This was delicious!  Hard to eat though ... :)

Does anybody have any fun plans for the weekend?  I don't really get a long weekend, but I'm enjoying the slower pace of it!

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